South Side Irish Parade Taps Les Turner ALS As Grand Marshal

February 17, 2017 - als

CHICAGO, IL – The South Side Irish St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee has tapped the Les Turner ALS Foundation as a Grand Marshal for a 2017 book of a parade. The nonprofit classification has been Chicago’s personality in research, studious caring and preparation about Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) for 40 years. Christmas Without Cancer has been named this year’s Honoree. The nonprofit classification identifies Chicagoland families in need and provides gifts and elementary necessities to families stricken with cancer. The Grand Marshal and Honoree will lead a impetus set to step off during noon on Sunday, Mar 12, from 103rd and Western in Chicago’s Beverly/Morgan Park neighborhood.

“We are unapproachable to respect a Les Turner ALS Foundation as a Grand Marshal of a parade,” says Jeannie Kovak, South Side Irish St. Patrick’s Day Parade co-chair. “The classification brings wish and assistance to people and their families pang from ALS by providing services such as in-home consultations and apparatus loans and ancillary a Les Turner Research and Patient Center during Northwestern Medicine. The Foundation serves a immeasurable infancy of people with ALS opposite Chicagoland including many Beverly area families,” adds Kovak.

ALS is a fast on-going illness that causes flesh weakness, problem vocalization and swallowing and, generally, finish paralysis. As one of a nation’s largest, eccentric ALS organizations, a Foundation is dedicated to a allege of systematic investigate into a causes, treatments and impediment of ALS; to yield people vital with ALS, their families and caregivers well-developed clinical caring and support services; and to boost recognition and preparation of ALS.

Marching with a Grand Marshal will be Beverly’s Meg Rooney and her family who have worked closely with Les Turner ALS Foundation to boost recognition about ALS and lift income to find a cure. Meg’s husband, John Rooney, succumbed to ALS in Jun 2016 and John’s mom and aunt also died of a disease. John was a obvious and reputable contributor during a 27-year career during a Chicago Daily Bulletin and warranted several awards for his coverage of a 1982 Tylenol killings for a City News Bureau of Chicago. Additional area families cheerless by ALS will join a Grand Marshal to assistance gleam a spotlight on a debilitating illness and how people can help.

“Our family is respected to impetus alongside a Grand Marshal. The Les Turner ALS Foundation became an useful member of a family as we faced a diagnosis and realities of a disease, always charity unsentimental advice, required apparatus and services ancillary not usually to John though a whole family,” Rooney said. “We essay to assistance a Les ALS Turner Foundation strech out and yield caring services and support for some-more families,” adds Rooney.

Since 2003, Christmas Without Cancer has identified and adopted mixed families battling cancer providing them with present cards for groceries, medications, gas and assistance with rent, debt or fee payments to assistance move hearten during a Christmas season. Founded by Evergreen Park proprietor Gerri Neylon, a helper in a deviation oncology dialect during Advocate Christ Medical Center who wanted to do something certain for some of a many families she served. Over a years Christmas Without Cancer has stretched their impact and now offers support to families confronting cancer year-round and not only during a holiday season.

“Christmas Without Cancer started as a elementary gesticulate and has grown to turn an classification where strangers compensate it brazen with their donations assisting strech some-more families confronting a cancer diagnosis. We respect Christmas Without Cancer as a caring actions reflect how a larger village works together to assistance one another in times of need,” Kovak said.


The South Side Irish Parade will flog off a festivities with a pre-parade fundraiser on Saturday, Feb 25, 2017. The eventuality will underline raffle prizes, a wordless auction, a South Side Irish Parade Queen Selection, live Irish song and most more. The celebration will be hold from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. during 115 Bourbon Street, 3359 West 115th Street, Merrionette Park, IL, 60803.

Tickets are $30 when pre-purchased online or $40 during a door. Admission includes a cooking buffet, breeze drink and wine. The Larkin Moran Brothers and Sean Charlie will yield live song inside a 115 Bourbon Street Performance Hall. Irish normal song sessions will also be listened inside The Saloon.

Visit South Side Irish Parade for some-more information on purchasing impetus sell including pint glasses, stemless booze glasses, toasting eyeglasses and customized travel stick banners that line a impetus track and into a neighborhood. Parade attire is accessible during South Side Irish Imports located during 3446 W. 111th St. Chicago.

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