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June 18, 2018 - als

It was a special impulse for a seven-year-old during a Three Oaks Flag Day Parade.

Kennedy Arney, who is battling ALS, was sworn in as an officer and lead a parade.

As patrol cars pulled adult with sirens blaring, Kennedy had no suspicion her dream of being an officer was about to come true.

“I never suspicion we would turn a military officer like this during my age during seven-years-old,” pronounced Kennedy. “I was meditative I’d work as a military officer when we was 19.”

Her kin contend she has seen her kin wear a badge, though it’s a film she saw where a categorical impression overcame hurdles to turn an officer…. a same hopes she has.

“Since she saw Zootopia she’s wanted to be a military officer and it’s been her dream,” pronounced Michael Arney.

It’s been a prolonged conflict of doubt for Kennedy given she was born.

“We went to 6 opposite states. Probably saw over 30 physicians to try and get a right answers for what was going on,” pronounced Jennifer Arney.

It wasn’t until this past impetus that Michael and Jennifer Arney knew their daughter was battling a singular box of Juvenile ALS.

Jennifer says notwithstanding her diagnosis, she has never let it stop her.

“She only rolls with a punches,” pronounced Jennifer. “She smiles she falls, she’ll only get right behind adult and keep going.”

First being sworn in by a Three Oaks Chief of Police… fast incited into Kennedy being an titular officer via a country. From stations in New York City…. to Honolulu, Hawaii.

“We are going to see mixed agencies concerned in this irreverence her in,” pronounced Three Oaks Chief of Police Dennis Buller. “I know a FBI is going down to give her an award.”

With her initial assignment to strengthen Princess Zoe, her best friend, by a parade… she’s prepared to strengthen her community.

“To assistance people and keep Zoe safe,” pronounced Kennedy.

But she’s not fearful to make a law.

“Im going to give we a sheet for being my BFF,” pronounced Kennedy.

Her father says currently is only a beginning.

“I have no doubt she is going to be a military officer when she grows adult regardless of any medical diagnosis, she’s going to make this happen,” pronounced Michael.

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