Steve Gleason: From ALS diagnosis to a Sundance Film Festival

February 5, 2016 - als

With his entrance during a red runner eventuality during a Sundance Film Festival, for a universe premiere of a film about him, Steve Gleason continued to plea a odds. Former teammates Drew Brees and Scott Fujita were there, as was Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready. They are all friends who were on Gleason’s furious life tour good before his Lou Gehrig’s disease, also called amyotrophic parallel sclerosis, or ALS, diagnosis in 2011.

“He played a diversion like he lives his life,” Saints quarterback Drew Brees said. “Kind of with, we don’t wish to contend forward abandon, though only like he’s all in. He’s all in with all that he does.”

But a tummy punch from an ALS diagnosis– a unpleasant and light decrease of a ideally healthy 34-year-old, was one no one saw coming. 

“He’s a loyal warrior that’s for sure,” former NFL actor Lonie Paxton said. “He’s got good friends, good teammates and good family support and it shines by with Team Gleason.”

“Gleason” is a tender and absolute film that will move, crush, enthuse and learn viewers. It facilities about 1,300 hours of video that Gleason started to record for his son,Rivers, after Gleason’s ALS diagnosis. This is such a large understanding for a family and friends that a few dozen of them finished a outing from New Orleans to support him.

The film’s director, Clay Tweel, and most of a New Orleans fortuitous attended a private screening a night before a universe premiere. He says his plea was anticipating a new approach to tell Gleason’s well-documented story. 

“His stability is reflected behind during him from Michel even stronger than we primarily thought, so that was a small bit of a surprise, unequivocally saying Michel’s tour by this whole process,” Tweel said.

For Gleason’s mother Michel, a unsung favourite given his diagnosis, a film, a response to it and Sundance is formidable to process.  

“I can't believe, we can't trust that we’re here right now,” Michel Gleason said. “I theory we can since Steve is showy and likes to make a matter though this, this is a large deal, we think.”

For a cinematographers, a twin embedded with a Gleasons for years, a plan became really personal.

“We got so tighten to them so it was tough to see him go by some of that things and take it down on film and be design about it, though we consider it incited out flattering good,” Director of Photography David Lee said.

Lee pronounced he schooled a lot while sharpened video for Gleason, including how to be a father and father and how to keep things in perspective. 

“It’s such a prolonged list,” Lee said.

And with Gleason behind a effort, it’s a list that will positively get longer. 

“Right now he’s inspiring a universe some-more so now than he ever has,” Indianapolis Colts linebacker D’Qwell Jackson said. “And it’s infectious. That’s one of a reasons because I’m here and one a reasons because everyone’s here. Just to support, to move some-more recognition to a illness. He’s finished a unusual pursuit and has good supporters around him.”

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