Students uncover support for ex-teacher with ALS

December 11, 2016 - als

Helping others

Helping others

(From left, front): Converse Elementary School students Isaac Bender, Josanabelle Guerrero, Amelia Hernandez, Jair Avila, Cashiya Johnson and (From left, top) Principal Vicky Hamilton, PTO President Rebecca Shellenberger and art clergyman Michelle Grahnke reason a check for $1,600 to a ALS Assocation. Grahnke’s father Kris has ALS and a propagandize was means to drum adult a inexhaustible supports in customarily 4 days.

Posted: Saturday, Dec 10, 2016 10:00 am

Students uncover support for ex-teacher with ALS


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BELOIT — Art clergyman Michelle Grahnke gets by with a small assistance from her fans. And she has a propagandize full of them during Converse Elementary School.

Staff, students and families jumped in to assistance Michelle Grahnke’s husband, Kris, who is struggling with ALS, by lifting $1,600 in 4 days. The supports will be donated to a ALS Association of Wisconsin. The school, that has a misery rate of some-more than 70 percent, was full of munificence as kids lugged in their piggy banks to help.

Kris Grahnke, 30, stopped during a propagandize on Monday to speak to students about his life and condition. The former special preparation clergyman during Whitman Post Elementary School in Rockton uses a energy chair to get around. He can't pierce anything next a neck. By regulating conduct controls he can expostulate a car and write blogs about his experiences.

Seeing him had a surpassing impact on students, pronounced Principal Vicky Hamilton.

“Some of them got to ask questions, and they were only in astonishment of how certain he was,” Michelle Grahnke added.

She pronounced it was a good life doctrine for students where they could learn about disabilities, illness and a hurdles some people go through.

Amytrophic parallel sclerosis or ALS is a on-going neurodegenerative illness that attacks haughtiness cells and pathways in a mind and spinal cord. When these cells die, intentional flesh control and transformation dies with them. Patients in a after stages of a illness are totally paralyzed, though are customarily alert.

Kris Grahnke was diagnosed with ALS in Jul of 2014 after he had some difficulty tripping while regulating and flesh cramps. The diagnosis came during their initial year of matrimony when Michelle Grahnke was 24 years old.

“When we found out, they told us people with ALS have dual to 5 years. Now that he’s on year two, we have to live any day to a fullest,” she said.

When her father was initial diagnosed he used a shaft to walk. Six months after a diagnosis, he was regulating a walker. Within a year, he was in a energy chair.

Since he left a classroom in May, Kris Grahnke’s had a severe time and engaged pneumonia in September.

Both Kris and Michelle Grahnke have turn ardent about lifting income for ALS.

“ALS is underfunded, and they don’t know because people get it. They have no heal for it and zero to delayed it down,” Michelle Grahnke said.

She pronounced she felt it was critical for a ALS Association of Wisconsin to accept a supports as they give ramps, wheelchairs and other apparatus to those pang from a disease. As ALS progresses so rapidly, apparatus mostly needs to be changed.

Today, Michelle Grahnke contingency assistance dress and feed her father after his caretaker leaves any day. She pronounced her father stays some-more ardent than ever about vital life to a fullest until his final day. He mostly writes online articles and works to lift recognition of a disease.

“We take it one day during a time and we have a clever faith that keeps us sane. The people around us keep us positive,” she said.

She pronounced being during propagandize also has been useful to her. When she has a formidable day, she thinks of some of a struggles her students are going by such as not removing a dish or carrying a bed to nap in. She feels gentle pity her tour with her students who are penetrable and supportive.

“Being during propagandize has been unequivocally helpful. These kiddos have a lot going on themselves,” she said. “These kids need me too. They need me to put on my best opening for them. It unequivocally helps me to come to school.”

Third grader Jair Avila pronounced he likes how Michelle Grahnke teaches him about artists.

Cashiya Johnson pronounced Michelle Grahnke is a good artist and really good to her.

“Every time we are going to art class, she’s training me something new,” she said.

Michelle Grahnke pronounced she and her father are overjoyed and overwhelmed by a volume lifted during a school. As of Friday, some-more supports were still trickling in.

The classes that lifted a many will get a pizza celebration — a classrooms of Heather Dominguez and Benji Klett. All other classes will get a popcorn and extract party.

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