Stumbling Upon an ALS-free Zone

July 20, 2018 - als

Hope is a thing with feathers” –Emily Dickinson

Recently, my mother and we went to see a stand-up comedian during a internal indoor stadium. My romantic hope was that a dusk together would be a unifying, physic one. It was in that suggestion that we achieved all of a mental and earthy gymnastics to get me, my energy wheelchair, and my assistive-device accouterments ambulatory. Once inside a venue, we dutifully sought assistance in removing situated.

Proving that a tour from high to absurd need usually camber dual tiny sentences, a chaperon glanced during a tickets and offering that, “The ideal resolution is to leave your chair here and go to your seats. We’ll make certain a wheelchair is protected until we return.” Somehow, we refrained from retorting, “Now, meaningful that my chair won’t be compromised, we can camber stairs, hysteria-free, psychosomatic commotion alleviated. Heck, we competence even leave my urinal with you.” Instead, we apologized for being incompetent to comply. With that, a representative surmised that a seats wouldn’t work for us and dispatched us to a sheet office.

Once there, we emphatically recreated a assurances given to us before to squeeze that we would be placed in a best open chair available, easy my needs. It was explained that we couldn’t be upgraded from a face-value of a Groupon tickets. We were afterwards handed dual tickets for Section 216 and told to “enjoy a show.”

All of a pleading, cajoling, debating, negotiating, and officious arguing landed us in a farthest dual spots from a stage. The plcae supposing a visible product equivalent to a vital room television, circa 1973. we overtly trust that, adding insult to injury, we were in a territory typically indifferent for standing-room-only crowds. Of course, there was plenty space for a wheelchair to frolic.

It was afterwards that we motionless to empty a sliver of hope, tact with a sheet office.

If we could awaken a sheet manager from behind a glass, maybe he would be disarmed enough, divided from his staff and other customers, to cruise my plea. we would indicate out that a categorical building was not sold-out, and swapping out one new unstable chair with my energy chair would be revenue-neutral. Running a risk of constructing an “acceptable-to-dubious” proof trail, we would advise that he had a singular event to act nobly, do a good deed, and provoke certain karma. “Do a right thing” would be my summation. Of course, if a some-more sensitive staffer were during a window, that would be OK, too.

Complicating matters would be my Tower-of-Babel-like vocalization skills. Having a greatly discontinued lung capacity, tongue range-of-motion, and tongue strength creates a distinct tongue of even a simplest of two-word sentences a plea of a top order. Without a learned gobbledygook translator (i.e., my mother or step-children), whatever impressive representation we competence digest in my mind expected could not be conveyed by my mouth.

Much to my surprise, removing a manager to accommodate me out in a corridor was candid enough. Once there, we have no idea what, if any, of my difference he eventually understood. So, likewise, we don’t know if it was my display or his tired with my diligence in creation it that finally compelled him to say, “Wait here. I’ll see what we can do.” Some mins later, he handed me dual main-floor, fourth-row tickets. Illustrative of my communicative productivity, before interruption association with a sheet manager, we said, “May God magnify you.” To that he responded, after chuckling, “I positively wish not.”

We got situated with about 5 mins to spare. It was adequate time to buy dual adult beverages, send a essence of one into my transport cup, and have a container-closure firmness of pronounced crater destroy miserably, spilling booze down my chest and belly. It done no matter. The past was though a voluntary to a 75-minute yield of carefree, genuine hilarity. For that time span, ALS did not intrude.

We had achieved obscurity — a disease-free zone. However fleeting, when in one, a ailment and all snippet justification vanish. For a duration, one is again whole, maybe larger than. Impervious to approach attack, defence to side effect, one is in finish bliss. These moments should be savored, cherished, celebrated, and memorized. They are few and distant between.

Rarer still is when they are shared. When a caregiver and a stricken are concurrently liberated of ALS’s burden, while in any other’s company, a cocoon of unthinkable preserve surrounds them. Disease-free zones can’t be forced and shouldn’t be rushed. They can’t be prolonged. When existence decides to intrude, a burble is burst. They also can’t be counted on. While I hoped a night would furnish that ecstasy, if not for a annulment of showing by a sheet manager, we would have spent a entirety of a opening reminded that ALS stranded us in Section 216.

For that matter, in all things ALS, zero might be counted on. Nothing might be taken for granted. Everything is good to be incited topsy-turvy. When skeleton play out, it’s an accident. There are no point-A-to-point-B true lines, usually twisted misadventures. However, a opening combined by all certainty being sucked out leaves room for a new constituent: feathers.

Given that zero is impossible, does that by prolongation meant that anything is possible? Like a heal for a once incorrigible disease?

One contingency hope.


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