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November 1, 2014 - als

Rusty Perry took a theatre during 8:15 p.m., and a crawl throng of 500 during a Dallas Country Club fell silent.

They had come to support Rusty in his quarrel opposite ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). They upheld with their sponsorships, their donations, their support and their love. Admission was $1,500 per chairman and nobody blinked.

The eventuality benefited Hunting and Fishing for a Cure, his new classification that supports ALS research. The Oct. 23 eventuality fast sole out and many people had to be incited away.

Of a 500 folks who done it to a fundraiser, about 500 were friends of Perry and his wife, Amy.

“I stepped adult to a microphone that night, and it was impossibly humbling,” he said. “I looked out into a throng and we could feel a adore staring behind during me.”

There was an unusual volume of adore in that room. They were there for Rusty, and he wanted to lift income to assistance account ALS investigate during a MDA/ALS Center during Houston Methodist Neurological Institute and during Boston’s ALS Therapy Development Institute, a world’s largest ALS-dedicated drug growth organization.

Dr. Stanley Appel of Houston and Dr. Steve Perrin of Boston were in assemblage during a Dallas event. They had told Rusty that ALS fundraisers like this one traditionally lift between $40,000 and $50,000.

The live auction alone lifted some-more than $300,000 as 6 packages — golf during Pebble Beach, a week in Aspen, 5 days in a Bahamas, fishing in Creede, Colo., sport in South Texas and in Arkansas — went to a top bidders. All of a packages, along with a private jets and private planes for several of them, were donated by friends.

Rusty, a 1978 connoisseur of Highland Park High School, and his wife, Amy (HPHS ’79), met during a University of Texas. They have 3 children: Shannon Nichols (27), Preston (25) and Marshall (22). Shannon is about to make Rusty and Amy grandparents in March.

After removing a harmful news of an ALS diagnosis, a Perrys stayed positive, felt sanctified in a face of problem and have never given adult hope. Research is a pivotal and income feeds a research.

Amy and her friend, Leslie Ficke, co-chaired a DCC event; Mary Anne Dunne and Janet McCarty chaired a successful live auction; Rocky Powell created a promotional video; Jeff Begert and Sterling Hayman created a website; an advisory house of 25 bought tickets and widespread a word; and an army of 500 stormed a castle. The outcome was $1.3 million lifted in one night by that room full of adore and determination.

But that’s only a beginning. Go to and click on “Rusty’s Story.” You can be a partial of a electioneer opposite this vicious disease.

“I’m a clever follower that God works in puzzling ways,” Rusty said. “There is wish in a quarrel opposite ALS. We’re not there yet, though we’re removing damn close.”

He paused for a moment. “As for me … I’m battling a time a small bit.”

Kirk Dooley is a University Park writer. Contact him during

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