Surviving a Dentist with a New Normal of ALS

June 6, 2017 - als

Living with ALS means training to live with a whole new normal. For example, before ALS, my old normal enclosed diligently following endorsed discipline for annual health screening, such as monitoring bone density. This exam (thanks to complicated technology) is a elementary cat-scan of a reduce spine and hips in sequence to detect enervated bones, destiny detonate risks and osteoporosis.

At one of my initial visits to a ALS Clinic, we asked about bone firmness testing. Patiently, my neurologist explained that ALS eventually would put me in a wheelchair. This would means my skeleton to turn crisp and weak, that meant there was no need to guard a decline. So, bone firmness contrast was off a to-do list. Welcome to MY new normal!

Then there is a doubt of progressing unchanging visits to a dentist.

Along with a gloomy prognosis of vital usually dual to 5 years following diagnosis, there’s also a high odds of wanting to rest on a direct-into-the-stomach feeding tube, that avoids a need for teeth altogether. This could means many who live with ALS to reason a opinion, “The dentist? Why bother?”

Let’s be honest; who among us doesn’t personally wish we could legitimately forgive ourselves from imperative visits to a dentist?

But it was a force play when one of my fillings fell out, and we found my self begrudgingly sitting in a dentist’s chair.

I remember removing that stuffing in a initial place. It was “back in a day” of carrying to gaunt over and separate into a mini-water fountain subsequent to my chair, staring into a vivid light above and never handling to open my mouth far-reaching adequate for a dentist’s satisfaction.

Of course, I’m good wakeful of advances in complicated dentistry given that time, though now with ALS, my stress stemmed from not wanting to be one of those high upkeep patients who need all sorts of accommodation.

However, I’ve schooled to pronounce adult and state my needs: “The chair … not too distant behind please, as that affects my ability to breathe. The mist … not too most during one time please, as we have difficulty swallowing.”

“Not to worry,” my dentist said, while slipping a sporty span of sunglasses over my eyes. Within seconds a soothing rubber jigger was placed into my mouth that felt like a spokesman for snorkeling. It concurrently hold my mouth open, hold my tongue out of a way, suctioned divided any careless mist and amazingly, we was respirating with palliate AND relaxing.

“Everything OK?” he asked.

“Uh-huh,“ we gurgled.

The routine was quick, painless and we have to admit, anxiety-free!

Half-way by a procession a call of thankfulness cleared over me. we felt thankfulness and appreciation for carrying such a learned and fatiguing dentist. we felt thankfulness this dental revisit was function in 2017 and not a year of my memories.

I also was beholden meaningful that if we have to live with ALS that it’s function in 2017, a time when advances in record and accommodations assistance me understanding with a many challenges. A time when medical investigate is bringing us closer to finding current treatments, medicine and that holy grail … a heal for ALS.  That would emanate a whole new normal, when a elementary screening exam is all that is indispensable to detect, yield and forestall ALS.


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