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February 15, 2017 - als

After assembly ALS One owner Kevin Gosnell, 11-year-old James Courtney pronounced to his mom that he wanted to set adult a lemonade mount to assistance lift income to quarrel ALS, commonly famous as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

“I only texted neighbors and friends and they all came by a house,” pronounced mother, Maria. “Thanks to a energy of a internet, my neighbor posted it to her Snapchat and a garland of her friends came by donated $10 or so. He finished adult lifting about $120 only offered lemonade that day.”

Not calm to stop there, he began lifting income by pledging to take partial in a Polar Plunge on Saturday, Feb. 11 during Nantasket Beach in Hull. James was one of roughly 200 dauntless souls that jumped into a wintry H2O after shovelers privileged sleet off a corridor to a water’s edge. He lifted $700.

At a same time as a eventuality in Hull, plunges were being hold in San Diego, Chicago and New York City to lift income for ALS One. In total, over $50,000 was raised.

“When we met Kevin Gosnell, we became desirous to assistance lift income for ALS,” James said. “He unequivocally desirous me. we didn’t know him personally, though after conference what he was going through, that’s what desirous me. we was in and out of a H2O in about 30 or 40 seconds.”

Gosnell, a Hanover resident, died Aug. 8, 2016 after a year-long conflict with ALS. When Gosnell was diagnosed with ALS in May of 2015, he could have left home and sensitively spent a rest of his life with his family, though he motionless to use a skills he grown to build his business TK Asphalt to find a some-more effective approach for a medical village to investigate a cure.

James’ older brother, Nick, ran a Falmouth Road Race to lift income for ALS One, that helped James get a round rolling. Nick came in an considerable 155th out of over 10,000 runners and was means to lift $2,500 for ALS One.

“I’m unequivocally unapproachable of both of my kids,” pronounced Maria. “My oldest loves to run and he had never finished a large highway competition outward of Hanover before. They worked tough to fundraise by a summer. When James met Kevin, he only unequivocally wanted to get concerned and lift income to assistance quarrel a disease. Kevin died about a week before a highway competition and I’ve been following a ALS Knights thing.”

The ALS Knights organization, in and with ALS ONE, works to combine a friends and family of ALS patients. Together, they lift recognition and appropriation for Care and Cure for ALS.

For some-more information about ALS One, revisit alsone.org.

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