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September 25, 2014 - als

AKRON, Ohio – Running a marathon can be a formidable and unique experience, though Stephen Bracken has positively faced worse obstacles and he’ll have copiousness of support for his initial 26.2 mile race.

Bracken, 60, of Wooster, is battling ALS.

On Saturday morning, a group of runners, including his son, Adam, will take turns pulling Stephen in a customized, racing wheelchair during a Akron Marathon.

Bracken is overwhelmed that 104 people will tackle a march on interest of him and Trample ALS, a internal non-profit started by his family after Bracken was diagnosed.

The group will be wearing red shirts that arrangement a website .

“They’re generous. They’re dedicated and many of them are runners,” Bracken said.

ALS, also famous as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, affects haughtiness cells in a mind and spinal cord that control intentional flesh movement.

Bracken’s problems started in 2009 when he gifted a shock in his left arm. A identical prodigy widespread to his leg. He primarily suspicion a a symptoms were treatable, though doctors diagnosed him with ALS in 2012.

Bracken, on incapacity from his pursuit in a shipping and receiving dialect of a Wooster company, can hardly travel now and he struggles with speech.

“At times, we have to be genuine clever about swallowing.”

Adam Bracken understands pulling a 140-pound male in a 50-pound wheelchair for some-more than 26 miles will be a formidable challenge, though his father will enthuse a using team.

“If my legs harm a small bit, it’s flattering easy to demeanour over a top, take a demeanour during father and comprehend that I’ll be means to do improved tomorrow,” Adam Bracken said.

The Ice Bucket Challenge, that went furious on amicable media, brought outrageous courtesy to ALS.

Adam Bracken pronounced a prodigy of people transfer ice and cold H2O over their heads led to a spike in donations to Trample ALS.

The non-profit, that has a partnership with a ALS Association Northern Ohio Chapter, has lifted about $27,000, including $14,000 by a Akron Marathon initiative.

Still, a family believes there can never be adequate courtesy for a terrible illness that has no cure.

“Everyday, if we get one chairman to learn about ALS and to know what it is, than we consider we’re doing a job,” Adam Bracken said.

Stephen pronounced holding partial in a marathon will give him a possibility to uncover that he can quarrel and not only be a victim.

“I can fight… After I’m gone, a quarrel will go on by my family.”


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