The Oscars, Ice Bucket Challenge lift recognition about ALS

February 26, 2015 - als

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Remember a ice bucket challenge? Everyone was doing it! Even WGNO’s Anne Cutler and Hank Allen participated. But a viral prodigy did most some-more than fill adult a news feeds. It helped move courtesy to a debilitating disease: ALS.

And usually days ago, Eddie Redmayne won an Oscar for his purpose in a ‘Theory of Everything’, portraying famous Physicist Stephen Hawking – and Hawking’s ongoing conflict with ALS.

“It’s usually been unimaginable we indeed woke adult a day after a Oscars thinking, ‘I can`t trust we live in a world, where you`d have to live underneath a stone to not know what ALS is’ — and it wasn`t like that a few years ago. Maybe usually half of a ubiquitous race knew what ALS was before a Ice Bucket Challenge,’ pronounced Jaime Craig with a ALS Association`s Louisiana-Mississippi Chapter.

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Craig says the plea did most some-more than lift awareness. It lifted some-more than $115 million nationwide. $209,000 locally, some-more than doubling what they done final year, permitting them to sinecure indispensable people and return programs that were recently cut. Rodney Frisard of Metairie, who suffers from ALS, says these additional supports have been a godsend.

“I can call anytime and get someone out to my residence to assistance me to do anything. They yield remit care, so when my mother gets prepared to chuck me opposite a wall they can send someone in for a integrate days to assistance take caring of me…What we wish to contend is appreciate you, it`s smashing for people to star bargain what ALS is about,” pronounced Frisard.

‘Even yet it`s a tiny race that`s affected, it`s a poignant population. These people matter. They`re doctors and mechanism engineers and teachers and artists and athletes. They are people who are a partial of a multitude and their bodies are unwell them, yet their minds are still there,’ pronounced Craig

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