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August 31, 2014 - als

No one could’ve expected what a prodigy a Ice Bucket Challenge would become. It’s everywhere. It’s unavoidable. And now that it’s warranted a ALS Association over $94 million in charity, a classification has filed for a trademark seeking tenure of a word “ice bucket challenge.” The Aug 22nd filings also ask a trademark covering “ALS ice bucket challenge,” a slightly-more-specific outline that’s proven equally renouned opposite Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other amicable media. The ALS Association wants finish control over “ice bucket challenge” whenever a 3 difference are being used for free fundraising purposes.

The pierce is lifting some eyebrows, though it’s not tough to know where a ALS Association is entrance from. There’s unequivocally now a unequivocally genuine couple between a Ice Bucket Challenge and amyotrophic parallel sclerosis (or Lou Gehrig’s disease). Clearly a classification doesn’t wish anyone hijacking a tenure for rascal or other reduction than excellent causes. But would a heading unequivocally do most to frustrate scammers looking to mistreat people by roving on a behind of this summer’s feel-good campaign?

Filing for a heading creates sense, even if many cruise it distasteful

Attorney Erik Pelton, who speckled a filings, finds a whole thought of trademarking a viral transformation to be offensive. “An bid to register a Ice Bucket Challenge strikes me as a bit same to those who sought register ‘Boston Strong’ after a marathon bombings in 2013,” he wrote in a blog post. “Even if it were slight underneath a law to register a word (again that is not transparent here), it is in bad taste.” Pelton is endangered that a ALS Association, if postulated both trademarks, could stop other charities from bringing courtesy to their possess causes by a ice bucket challenge. But one do-good classification suing another to stop people from dousing themselves with ice H2O would be a unequivocally bad look, so it’s tough to suppose that happening.

Of course, all of this assumes a classification will be successful in a quest, and that’s by no means guaranteed. Tracing a origin of “ice bucket challenge” isn’t so easy; a ALS Association filings contend a initial central use came on Aug 4th. Former Boston College ball actor Peter Frates (who suffers from ALS) is widely credited as a male who “officially” kicked off a plea behind in late July. But apparently there was a golfer who did it before him, and even Matt Lauer took an ice H2O bath in mid-July — before it became perpetually tied to ALS. Pelton thinks a ALS Association will expected be denied a trademarks, and a possess authorised guru Matt Macari predicts they’ll be “tough to get.” It’ll expected be a few months before we hear a preference one approach or a other.

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