Travelers CEO Jay Fishman Steps Down After ALS Diagnosis

November 30, 2015 - als

Travelers CEO Jay S. Fishman stepped down Monday, 4 months after announcing he had amyotrophic parallel sclerosis.

Fishman led a association when it was partial of Citigroup, and, for a final 11 years, after he organised for Travelers to acquire a St. Paul Cos.

Fishman, 63, was means to work for a year after he schooled he had a on-going neurodegenerative illness ordinarily famous as Lou Gehrig’s disease, yet motionless to step down before his health worsened to concede an nurse transition. In respect of his service, Gov. Dan Malloy announced Monday Jay S. Fishman Day.

Alan Schnitzer, who had led Travelers Cos.’ business and general word unit, is a new CEO.

Travelers, one of 30 companies in a Dow Jones Industrial Average, has a corporate domicile in New York yet has a largest operations in Hartford, where a association was founded.

Fishman sent out one final holiday minute before stepping down, yet this one was typed, rather than in his handwriting, as in years past. “Please know that a difference next are cave and that a usually thing that has stopped me from essay it by palm is that my palm is no longer clever adequate to write a minute and have it be legible,” he wrote. “My suggestion and vigilant are as clever as ever and these difference come from my heart even if they are not from my hand.”

He pronounced it’s been severe as his illness progresses, and said, “The letters, emails, annals and personal stories that we have common with us have been some-more nutritious than there are difference to express.”

Fishman has donated millions of dollars to ALS investigate and support given he schooled he has a illness. According to Forbes, this includes a $5 million concession toward a $25 million investigate beginning during Johns Hopkins to investigate genetic, protein and biological information from ALS patients to improved know several versions of a disease.

He also contributed $1.5 million to a module during Boston Children’s Hospital that annals ALS patients vocalization so that after a illness robs them of a ability to speak, they don’t have to rest on computer-generated voices.

“At each company, there comes a time for new leadership,” Fishman wrote employees in August. “Because of a course of my neuromuscular condition, this time has come a small progressing than we had hoped.”

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