Udonis Haslem and Other Athletes Lend Hand to Film About ALS

December 12, 2014 - als

He’s cramped to a wheelchair now, ALS has stolen his ability to move, yet Jeff Fogel is still coaching girl basketball. Now, his story is being told on a large shade in a film called “Who is Lou Gehrig?” starring Udonis Haslem of a Miami Heat.

“Easy role, easy role, we should win an Oscar during this one,” Haslem laughed, as he was about to make his behaving debut.

Haslem is personification himself in a brief film, and so is Fogel.

“He has a depot illness, ALS, and we wouldn’t even know it if it wasn’t for his earthy limitations, his suggestion is certainly inspirational,” pronounced a film’s director, Gil Green.

Fogel is a post during a Michael-Ann Russell JCC, where he’s coached girl basketball and dwindle football for 20 years. He and Green have been friends given childhood, Green and Haslem have been friends given childhood. So when Green told a Heat’s energy brazen about Fogel; Haslem was fervent to support in a project.

“So many people go by so many inauspicious resources and all they can consider about is themselves, yet Jeff has stepped out of that box, he’s giving behind to these girls, he’s giving behind to this village core and he’s only involved, creation it so most about other people and not himself,” Haslem said. “I was totally desirous by Jeff.”

“Who is Lou Gehrig” is not a documentary. It’s a reduction of existence and fantasy.

“It’s not gonna be a young movie, yet we do stress on a ALS and Lou Gehrig and if we can enthuse 5 people out of 5 million, afterwards I’ve finished my job,” Fogel told NBC6, holding behind tears as he voiced his thankfulness for Haslem’s impasse and friendship. “It’s a blessing, we mean, we followed UD ever given a Gators. So for a good contestant like that to contend he’s desirous by me? Man, we have no words.”

So this isn’t a film about basketball, it’s not about one person, it’s all about stability and inspiration.

“Jeff, via a film, uses his imagination to pull a boundary so even yet he’s coaching a 12-year-old girl’s team, in his mind he’s coaching a Miami Heat.”

Haslem brought 3 feverishness teammates along to make a director’s prophesy come alive. Mario Chalmers, James Ennis, and Andre Dawkins donated their time for a stage that shows them on a justice to illustrate what Fogel sees in his mind. In genuine life, Fogel coaches while he takes medicine to delayed a swell of his disease.

“But my medication, truly, is a kids that i work with on a daily basis,” Fogel said.

Haslem says a indicate of a film is to uncover Fogel as a purpose model.

“Whether you’re pang from ALS or either you’re being challenged in another approach physically or mentally we can demeanour during this story and we can be desirous and we can still find ways to do something positive,” Haslem said.

“Finish strong, we gotta finish strong,” Fogel is yelling during his group in one scene.

You competence contend Fogel is doing only that; finishing strong.

“Who is Lou Gehrig” premieres on Dec 20 during a Borscht Film Festival during a Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami.

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