Veterans uncover their bravery in battling ALS

November 8, 2014 - als

The press did an glorious pursuit of stating about a summer’s ALS “ice bucket challenge,” a extravagantly viral debate during that millions of people doused themselves with buckets of ice H2O to lift recognition of ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease. But how many people who supposed a plea comprehend that they also were ancillary a nation’s troops veterans? That partial of a story was not reported in a press.

My father was drafted and served in a Navy right after a Korean War. When receiving his compulsory vaccines, he was over-vaccinated with typhoid and in a troops sanatorium for 6 months, roughly failing from typhoid fever. Dad was diagnosed with ALS in Jan 2003 and died 7 months later. He was 69.

Studies have shown that troops veterans are about twice as expected to die from ALS as people who have not served in a military. It doesn’t matter when or where they served in a military: home or abroad, assent or war, from World War we to Afghanistan. Those who served are during larger risk.

So as we respect a troops heroes this Veterans Day, your readers should know that if they had a bucket of ice H2O dumped on their heads this summer, they did their partial not only to support ALS, though also to support a veterans.

I inspire your readers to revisit a Wall of Honor during There they will see a faces and review a stories of a troops heroes who are fighting ALS and those who have been mislaid to a disease. Their stories of bravery are an impulse and value your courtesy this Veterans Day.

Angela Waits  •  Alton

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