Vibrant mom joins Cantigny travel to quarrel her ALS

May 31, 2017 - als

Christine Finnegan positively would have good reason to protest that life isn’t fair.

Married 25 years with 3 children on a fork of adulthood, she’s humorous and outgoing, famous as a “dancing queen” who volunteers during Scouts and propagandize and built a career as an occupational therapist so she could assistance those with earthy and mental disabilities live a improved life.

If we go

What: Walk to Defeat ALS

When: Registration during 8 a.m. Saturday, Jun 3; travel during 10 a.m.

Where: Cantigny Park, 1S151 Winfield Road, Wheaton

Cost: Fundraising encouraged


As if her vast bill indispensable balancing for all a good in her life, Finnegan was diagnosed with breast cancer. She fought it and won.

And afterwards came a new diagnosis that perpetually tips a beam opposite her.

Amyotrophic parallel sclerosis.

Known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, ALS is operative opposite Finnegan in any way. A neurodegenerative illness that’s deleterious her mind cells and spinal cord, a on-going illness is hidden her engine skills bit by bit. As her ability to control her movements deteriorates, she has given adult her career assisting others and a autonomy that authorised her to be a force in her community, instead relying on full-time care.

Eventually a illness will hypnotize her, creation her a restrained in her physique before it takes her life.

Finnegan, though, tries not to dwell on her augury or a bias of overcoming one life-threatening illness usually to face another. Instead, she chooses to concentration on a time she has left, a moments she can spend shouting with and amatory her family and friends.

And looking outward, she intends to assistance others by ancillary a ALS Association as it supports investigate into what causes a disease, how a symptoms can be slowed or stopped and how it competence one day be cured. Finnegan and her family and friends will travel Saturday, Jun 3, in a Greater Chicago Walk to Defeat ALS during Cantigny Park.

Today, Finnegan, of Homer Glen, tells us some-more about vital with ALS.

Q. Who or what inspires we to participate?

A. we have ALS myself, and was desirous by those in a ALS Chicago Chapter, whom we met by a hospital during a University of Chicago, along with family and friends who wish to support me.

Q. How has ALS influenced you?

A. It has influenced me physically, impairing my duty and ability to do many of a things we feel we should do or wish to do. However, it has not taken divided my proclivity to do my best nor my suggestion to still have fun and suffer being with others and doing a things we enjoy.

Q. What has been formidable about coping with ALS?

A. we am a motivated, active, and sold person, and it has been formidable to delayed down, accept assistance during times, and accept that not all can be a same as it used to be. we feel endangered about how my illness has and will impact my family, along with what a destiny will be like for all of us, though we try not to dwell on that and live in a present.

Another formidable thing has been carrying to stop operative as an occupational therapist, a pursuit we desired for many years. we skip operative with my patients and a good times we enjoyed with my co-workers any day.

Q. What competence warn people about life with ALS?

A. Despite a limitations, we can still do many of a things we suffer doing and can be prolific with acceptance of assistance and support from others, self-will, and adaptive techniques and assistive technology. we have been really desirous by a many stories we have review about others vital with ALS.

Q. What have we schooled about yourself since of ALS?

A. That we continue to be a clever chairman notwithstanding struggles a past several years and with this really formidable diagnosis of ALS. I’m dynamic to have peculiarity time with my family, friends and neighbors and doing a things we enjoy. we wish to continue to share my skills and be concerned in advocacy for ALS.

Q. What support have we perceived from a sponsoring organization?

A. we have perceived romantic support and encouragement, many suggestions as to how to adjust to changes and apparatus and record that can be useful. we have been offering equipment from a “lending closet” when needed. we am grateful for a events and fundraisers that are hold to boost recognition of ALS and lift supports for research.

Q. Have we ever finished this travel before? What was a knowledge like?

A. we participated in a travel for a initial time final year. we felt privately upheld by those on my team, along with being desirous by a many others who were there walking, providing support in many opposite ways, and enjoying a suggestion and unrestrained of a event.

Q. What would we tell someone who is meddlesome in participating in a travel though competence be a smallest bit hesitant?

A. If it is a associate ALS person, I’d tell them that there are others there in all phases of their illness (walking, regulating walkers, regulating a wheelchair) and a atmosphere was comforting and inspiring.

For all others, it is a fun eventuality with activities, food and, many of all, feeling happy and unapproachable that we are ancillary your desired one and others with ALS, and lifting both recognition and much-needed supports for ALS.

Q. How can readers present to your fundraising efforts?

A. Go to a ALS Association Chicago Chapter, demeanour for a Walk to Defeat ALS page, go to a teams section, and present to Chris’ ALStars.

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