Washington Township High School students lift $32K for ALS National …

January 17, 2015 - als

WASHINGTON TWP. — The gym building fast became a dance building as a lights were lowered and a DJ incited a song on to flog off Monzo Madness 2015 during Washington Township High School.

Monzo Madness, also famous around Washington Township as a 18-hour dance-a-thon, is an annual eventuality by a Interact Club to lift supports for victims of Lou Gehrig’s illness (ALS).

On Friday afternoon, some-more than 500 students headed into a gym in blue t-shirts to begin a 12th annual event

This year, a students brought in $32,000 to present to a ALS National Foundation. 

“I consider it’s extraordinary that any year we continue to mangle a record,” pronounced Mahaa Ahmed, a comparison and one of a Interact Club’s president. “I was unequivocally unapproachable of all a participants and that we funded.”

Ann Park, another boss for a club, agreed.

“I feel a same way, ever given ALS has turn some-more famous around a country, we consider it speedy everybody to strech out and do as most as they can,” Park said.

The eventuality started in 2003 when Tracy Naval, who taught during a high school, mislaid her sister to ALS. It started with 50 students lifting $2,800 though as grown so that a bar has donated some-more than $200,000 to a substructure over a years.

The dancing began after propagandize on Friday afternoon during 2:30 and continued, for those who were awake, until Saturday during 8 a.m. Students are asked to invariably dancing for those victims of a illness are no longer means to. Each hour a participants had 10 mins to mangle where they could suffer refreshments, lay down or only relax.

Advisors for a club, Natalie Taylor and Apr Renzetti pronounced they are unapproachable of a students in a propagandize for gripping a eventuality a success.

“It’s impossibly humbling, a fact that these kids can lift that kind of income for such a smashing cause, it leaves we speechless,” Renzetti said. “When these kids need to put out they can in a large way. The propagandize stands behind them and is really unapproachable of them.”