Watch a Man With ALS Say ‘I Love You’ for a First Time in 16 Years

February 17, 2015 - als

Don Moir was diagnosed with ALS dual decades ago. He mislaid a ability to pronounce in 1999. But interjection to new eye-tracking software, he was only means to tell his mother he desired her — for a initial time in 16 years.

The software, that is built by Not Impossible Labs, authorised Moir to estimate normal debate patterns for a initial time given a illness took divided his ability to talk, reports a Daily Dot.

With a new software, Moir chooses minute groupings with his eyes and a record parses them into oral sentences.

Javed Gangjee personality of a Not Impossible Labs team, explains a elementary outcome of Moir’s program: “When he’s ready, he looks during a center and voilà—his word is there.”

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