Watch Kelly Clarkson Eat a Habanero for a ALS Pepper Challenge

February 4, 2018 - als

Kelly Clarkson is not a world’s biggest fan of sharp food, so it was doubly dauntless of her to punch into a tender habanero pepper this week as partial of a ALS Pepper Challenge, a viral amicable media trend that is creation celebrities’ eyes H2O while also lifting a lot of income for ALS research.

Fellow nation star Trisha Yearwood challenged Clarkson to do a ALS Pepper Challenge, where people film themselves eating peppers for amicable media to lift income and recognition for ALS, that is also famous as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Clarkson had a jalapeno on her plate, though she pronounced that since Yearwood was confidant and ate a habanero, she’d have to try a habanero too. Clarkson substantially regretted that preference a impulse she bit into that small orange pepper.

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“I can’t mount you, Trisha Yearwood!” Clarkson moaned as her eyes watered.

“I’m not being dramatic, my eyes are crying!” Clarkson said. “Jesus take a wheel! Oh my God, y’all, we don’t know what to do.”

About median by a video, Clarkson attempted to chug what looked like a bottle of divert to ease her mouth, though as she took a top off and attempted to toss it back, zero came out. Clarkson looked down and satisfied there was still an inner sign in place and screamed out loud.

“No! Oh my God!” she wailed as she attempted to examine a sign off.

After celebration a divert and sucking on an ice cube, Clarkson was means to lift herself together adequate to pass a plea on to her associate Voice coaches Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, and Alicia Keys.

Clarkson’s greeting to eating a peppers was priceless, and her video is also going to assistance lift income for ALS research. In 2014 a Ice Bucket Challenge lifted $115 million for a ALS Association. The ALS Pepper Challenge only started during a finish of 2017, though it’s already lifted some-more than $94,000 for ALS research. For some-more ways to make your mouth roar and your eyes water, check out a world’s hottest prohibited sauces.

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