What is ALS? Explaining a illness that afflicts Dwight Clark

March 20, 2017 - als

Dwight Clark’s proclamation Sunday night that he has been diagnosed with ALS astounded many 49ers fans — who might be wondering what a condition entails.

Here’s a deeper demeanour during ALS, with credentials information gleaned from the ALS Association website and a Bay Area News Group underline on a disease.

How ALS affects afflicted

It exceedingly hinders engine function, creation such activities as moving, eating and respirating difficult.

The degenerative distress is a on-going weakening of a muscles caused by haughtiness degeneration. Early symptoms embody debility in a arms or legs, slurred debate and difficulty nipping and swallowing. Over time, muscles stop responding.

The illness does not impact a heart, though it does conflict a respiratory system. ALS patients mostly die of pneumonia.

The illness ordinarily is diagnosed about dual years after symptoms start and 50 percent of patients die within 3 to 5 years of diagnosis. Twenty percent live 5 years or some-more and adult to 10 percent will live some-more than 10 years.

How ALS is diagnosed

There is no one exam or procession to settle a diagnosis of ALS. A array of clinical exams and evidence tests order out other diseases that impersonate ALS — like a B-12 scarcity with that Clark was diagnosed.

Some of a examinations and tests embody electomyography (EMG), haughtiness conduction quickness (NCV) and blood and urine samples. Thyroid hormone levels are among those checked.

A spinal daub and MRI can also be used in a diagnosis, as can a myelogram of a cervical spine and a flesh and/or haughtiness biopsy.

Who has ALS?

An estimated 20,000 people in a U.S are vital with ALS during any given time. About 6,000 people in a U.S. are diagnosed with a commotion any year.

Former Saints reserve Steve Gleason went open with his diagnosis and eventually starred in a film called Gleason about a knowledge of vital with ALS.

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