While fighting ALS, Dwight Clark only wanted to see his teammates once more

October 23, 2017 - als

7:42 PM ET

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — The San Francisco 49ers respected authorization fable Dwight Clark during halftime of Sunday’s diversion opposite a Dallas Cowboys. The group gave divided T-shirts with images of Clark’s many famous play, “The Catch,” imprinted over his No. 87, and a Niners incorporated a series of other Clark-centric moments via a contest.

After a video reverence narrated by late sportscaster Vin Scully and an introduction by Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana, Clark addressed a Levi’s Stadium throng from a suite. Clark, who is battling ALS, destined his comments to a team’s fans, ownership, his family and a some-more than 30 former teammates who were also in assemblage Sunday afternoon.

Here is a twin of his debate in full:

“Hello, my 49ers faithful. we wish to conclude we for all your support. we consider we all know we am going by a small thing right now and we need your prayers and thoughts and we conclude those. I’d like to conclude a York family for putting this day together. These are singular days. Having all a players flown behind in here so we can see them one some-more time, flitting out a T-shirts, it’s a large day and I’m really elegant that Jed did that for me.

“When Keena Turner [San Francisco’s clamp boss of football affairs] asked me what we wanted to do, either lift income or have some kind of function, we pronounced we only wish to see my teammates, and a 49ers listened that and flew all these players in so we could see them one some-more time.

“I apparently wish to conclude my family. It’s been a tough year and they’ve been by a lot. Of course, they upheld me when we was a actor though now they have to support me in a opposite way, so we wish to conclude my daughter Casey, my son Matt, my hermit Jeff and his family. we conclude all a support that they’re giving me in these perplexing times.

“In 1979, he done this group into a family, and 40 years later, he is still holding caring of me. He has called all over a universe perplexing to find a best remedies for ALS. He sent me to Japan to get medicine there. we could never, ever conclude a DeBartolo family and Eddie D [enough].”

source ⦿ http://www.espn.com/blog/san-francisco-49ers/post/_/id/28199/while-fighting-als-dwight-clark-just-wanted-to-see-his-teammates-once-more

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