Wilton lady with ALS respected with Spirit Award

November 8, 2015 - als

WILTON – In annoy of Wilton proprietor Karen Condron’s 2013 diagnosis of Bulbar-Onset ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) and a subsquent detriment of her ability to pronounce and eat, her integrity has led her not usually to say an active lifestyle yet also to grasp approval by a Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) for her unassailable spirit.

“Although a illness has severely influenced many collection of Karen’s health, her perfect integrity and passion for life have carried her through,” pronounced Jim Condron, Karen’s father of 47 years. “Thanks to a MDA, ALS research, and her doctors during Yale and Columbia, she has found a remedy that has … significantly softened her breathing.”

On a daily basis, Jim pronounced that his mother exercises, and also volunteers during her church while operative as a VP of Sales and Marketing for a promotional products company.

“Karen used to run 5 miles a day and even after her diagnosis she does 35 mins on a elliptical, she attends church daily, and works bland — communicating with her business by email,” Jim said. “She paints, and her paintings have gotten improved and better, that seems unequivocally strange, yet we consider portrayal is a motorist for her. It’s what keeps her going.”

Karen’s initial seductiveness in portrayal started while portrayal with her first-born son Jimmy, who currently is an achieved artist. In a past several years, Karen has resdiscovered her adore of portrayal when, for Christmas, 2010 Karen’s children bought her paints and supplies.

Finding impulse in Connecticut waterfronts and sunrises, Karen has shown her work during internal humanities festivals and shows.

She entered a Norwalk Arts Festival with some-more than 60 paintings in 2013. She showed her work during a Stratford Arts Guild Festival. During a summer of 2014, she participated in several shows, including a Stratford Art Guild Festival, and a Arts Festival during a Bruce Museum in Greenwich.

Karen has and continues to present many paintings to wordless auctions benefiting a American Cancer Society, Muscular Dystrophy Association, Norwalk Chamber of Commerce, and several other organizations.

“Everywhere that we went Karen would give paintings to people,” Jim said. “She gave them to doctors, she donated them for auctions to lift appropriation for ALS and Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). She came to a courtesy of a MDA for a Wings Over Wall Street Spirit Award, that goes to people who are vital with ALS and who uncover conspicuous spirit. Karen was named and it was an implausible eventuality in New York City on Oct. 22 where we spoke on Karen’s behalf.”

Karen tells her story on her website: “I was diagnosed with Bulbar-Onset ALS in 2013 with indications of debate detriment in 2011. The categorical denote of debate detriment in my box was slurred speech. The slurred debate would feature over a subsequent few years, until we could no longer pronounce in 2014. Having been a telemarketer for scarcely 30 years, we have always relied on my voice heavily. As we was losing a ability to speak, we looked for other ways of communicating. we fast embraced typing, and employed other collection such as a Boogie Board eWriter, and several apps on my iPad. These new found collection gave me a ability to promulgate effectively, and am now entirely integrated into my daily life.”

“I have always led a really regimented and physically active lifestyle. we jogged or ran between 2-5 miles per day, each day for over 40 years. Even yet we now have earthy stipulations caused by a course of ALS, we have not given adult on my adore of running, and am still means to use a a treadmill and elliptical regularly. Keeping active and stability with my slight to a best of my ability helps me cope with my limitations,” she wrote.

For some-more than 20 years, Karen was a member of a executive cabinet of a Norwalk Chamber of Commerce, and was membership chair for many of her reign there.

“Karen and we went to Mayor’s Ball final year and we spoke to Ed Musante and Brian Griffin from a Chamber and we thanked them,” Jim said. “Brian thanked us and said, ‘Without Karen we wouldn’t have a Chamber.'”

For Jim, it is Karen’s integrity that has been an impulse to him.

“When she was initial diagnosed a alloy told her to do all she’s wanted to do in a subsequent dual months,” Jim said. “It’s been scarcely 3 years now and her opinion and suggestion continue to be admirable.”

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