With ALS, she confronts high cost of living

August 26, 2017 - als

AMESBURY — It was a pleasing open day on June, 24 2014, when Margaret Liberge, who was 50 years old, was diagnosed with amyotrophic parallel sclerosis, (ALS.)

“I was a unequivocally eccentric and successful woman,” Liberge said. “I walked into a doctor’s bureau and my life altered on a dime.”

Fortunate adequate to have grown a slower relocating form of a a on-going neurodegenerative disease, while Liberge was means to travel to her automobile usually 6 months ago, her illness has already taken a use of her arms, withdrawal her 90 percent contingent on her personal caring partner and her motorized wheelchair.

“I can’t lift my arms, wash myself, anything,” Liberge said. “But we still have a small strength in my legs.”

Still means of enjoying life, her son and her dual grandchildren, Liberge is during a forgiveness of Mother Nature when she needs to get outside.

Without a scrupulously versed van, Liberge has had to make due with a elementary unprotected application trailer trustworthy to her 2015 Chevy Cruze to lift her electric wheelchair to family visits and doctor’s appointments. 

“Last year we was means to get into my car,” Liberge said. “This year we won’t be means to get in during all and it won’t be as easy pulling a trailer in impassioned weather.”

Forced into behaving fast since of a course of ALS,  Liberge began selling automobile dealerships for a disabled permitted outpost with a ramp installed. That’s when she ran into a whole new problem.

“When we go to a dealership and your credit measure comes behind low, we possibly have to put income down or compensate a aloft seductiveness rate,” Liberge said. “When we have good credit and a income to behind that up, we can flattering many expostulate off with whatever we want. But when we have a incapacity and flattering good, to good credit, they usually take a image of a car we need for a pricing needed.”

Deemed by many dealerships to usually be means to financial an $8,000 outpost and anticipating to lift recognition of ALS patents’ peculiarity of life concerns, Liberge has combined a fundraising page on youcaring.com to lift $25,000 to buy a new van.

“I usually wish to suffer my life with this illness to a best of my ability and to keep my independence,” she said. “I can’t be a usually one confronting these financial struggles and an versed outpost would cost about $19,000. Then we have to register it, protection it and say a payment.”

Having lifted $3,660 so far, Liberge pronounced she has also been operative with a ALS Association Massachusetts Chapter to assistance find a heal for a disease. She pronounced her fundraising debate is reduction about her possess concerns and some-more about lifting recognition of a existence of vital with an incapacitating depot illness like ALS.

“They tell us to go live a lives and suffer ourselves yet we can’t do that yet a travel and record accessible to us,” Liberge said. “We are lifting millions of dollars for a heal yet we would like to set adult something with a section where we could account lift to get a swift or something, afterwards loan them to a patients who need them.”

Even yet recognition of ALS has risen dramatically over a past 20 years, as distant as Liberge sees it, with all of a concentration going toward anticipating a cure, in many ways a patient’s peculiarity of life has left unnoticed.

“We’ve had all these fundraisers and all these ice buckets to find a cure,” Liberge said. “But we unequivocally don’t have income set aside for patients who need travel and technology.”

Jim Sullivan covers Amesbury and Salisbury for The Daily News. He can be reached around email during jsullivan@newburyportnews.com or by phone during 978-961-3145. Follow him on Twitter @ndnsully.

On a web: www.youcaring.com/margaretliberge-904901

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