‘You Don’t Mess With Ethel’: Obama Praises Ethel Kennedy With Medal of …

November 25, 2014 - als

Ethel Kennedy, a tellurian rights disciple and widow of Robert F. Kennedy who adorably asked President Obama to take a ALS Ice Bucket challenge, was awarded a Presidential Medal of Freedom on Monday afternoon.

“You don’t disaster with Ethel,” President Obama pronounced during his remarks.

Kennedy was among 19 people who received a medal, including singer Meryl Streep, musician Stevie Wonder, and composer Stephen Sondheim. The Medal of Freedom, a government’s tip municipal award, was determined in 1963 by President John F. Kennedy, Ethel’s brother-in-law.

Kennedy has prolonged been an advocate for tellurian rights in her time during a RFK Center, that she determined after her husband’s genocide in 1968.

She has a lighter side, too. In August, Kennedy challenged Obama, afterwards vacationing during Martha’s Vineyard, to take a ice bucket plea and dump frozen H2O on his head. “Welcome to Cape Cod, President Obama. we commission you,” she pronounced while holding a plea herself.

The many absolute male in a universe declined a ice-water bid and pronounced he would present instead. “The President appreciates Mrs. Kennedy meditative of him for a plea – yet his grant to this bid will be monetary,” a orator said.

Obama addressed his preference not to take a plea during Monday’s Medal of Freedom remarks.

“I grew adult in Hawaii,” he said. “I don’t suffer pouring ice H2O on tip of my head.”

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