Your Health Matters: Connecting People with ALS to a Services they Need

April 16, 2015 - als

Sioux City, IA (ABC9 News) – In February, ABC9’s Rockin’ ALS Benefit Concert during a Hard Rock lifted over $10,000 for a Iowa Chapter of a ALS Association. That income will stay in Northwest Iowa and assistance internal people vital with ALS and their families.

Jenna Rehnstrom recently sat down with Krista Strait-Higgins who works directly with ALS patients in Siouxland by a ALS Association. She explains what they do and how your income will be used.

First, she explains a small about how ALS affects a person’s body.

Krista Strait-Higgins, a caring services manger for a Iowa Chapter of a ALS Association says, “Every intentional flesh in a physique is eventually impacted by ALS. So, a ability to write, to speak, to swallow, to walk, to breathe.”

Jenna asks, “Once these folks find we and you’re doing home visits, what are they wanting assistance with?

Krista says, “I consider a many critical thing we offer with that home revisit is that it allows them that protected space, in their home, on their possess turf, to speak about a questions and concerns they have with a [ALS] diagnosis and demeanour during their home environment; demeanour during a apparatus needs they competence have, so we can bond a right kind of resources with people. The other thing we do is combine with a families and inspire them to attend an ALS specific clinic. So, this is a sanatorium they competence attend once each 3 months, customarily is what’s recommended, and they will go to this sanatorium environment and lay in a doctor’s bureau and all these opposite medical professionals come revisit them, so they’re there for like 3 hours and they’ll see a neurologist, a helper box manager, a amicable worker, a debate therapist, an occupational therapist, a earthy therapist, presumably a dietitian or a respiratory therapist – all these opposite specialists that will need to support this chairman as a illness progresses – are creation certain they’re joining to a right resources some-more quickly. So, we combine really closely with a opposite clinics that are involved, and we do inspire patients to attend a clinics, since it does boost their life outlook and it can urge their peculiarity of life, too.”

People wish to know where their income is going and know that it’s staying in their community, so can we speak about donations that come into your section and how those are diluted and what they’re used for?

Krista says, “The fundraising eventuality you’re vocalization of, indeed those moneys are going be mostly geared towards a ubiquitous extend program; that’s another module we offer to folks, this illness is really expensive, so roving to and from clinic, copays for apparatus needs that we can’t get from a loan closet, home modifications to make it wheelchair accessible, costs for removing assistance into a home, so a caregiver can get a break. So, we offer a extend program, twice a year is a goal, and we give $500 to families to compensate for whatever they need. So, they get to brand what that need is, maybe it’s even a inscription – a communication aiding device that they can use. So, these moneys are going to go to portion those folks in this area that are requesting for this grant.”

The ALS Association works off referrals, both from medical professionals and family members of people with ALS. If we know someone who hasn’t been connected to their services, we can hit them by their website.

You can also email Krista Strait-Higgins during

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