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June 15, 2017 - als

It’s been roughly a year given Beth Williams-Prever jumped out of an airplane.

That skydiving outing in Jul was only a commencement of a year of tandem lists for a 51-year-old Portsmouth woman: Checking equipment off her bucket list of lifetime desires. And experiencing a symptoms of a deadly illness as it marches relentlessly by her body.

Williams-Prever was diagnosed with amyotrophic parallel sclerosis, or ALS, in Apr of 2016. The neuromuscular condition, also referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease, methodically chips divided during engine neurons, slowly hidden a ability to speak, eat, pierce and, eventually, breathe.

In reduction than a year, it’s taken her voice, forced her to sequence a energy wheelchair, and tightened a muscles in her hands so most it’s challenging to type.

But all of that has not kept her from her bucket list.

She’s left white H2O rafting in West Virginia. She went to New York City to see “Hamilton” and “The Lion King” on Broadway. She trafficked to England, France, Ireland and Scotland. She went to Montana final month to see buffalo and revisit Yellowstone National Park. 

She’s also adopted dual Labrador retrievers: Hope, for herself, and Remi for her 22-year-old son, Landon. And she’s gotten her initial tattoo: An anchor with a word “Hope.” 

Holding on to wish is a challenging charge in a face of ALS. For Williams-Prever, a illness began with a offence in her voice 9 months before she was diagnosed. Her voice gradually faded divided to a indicate where she now talks by drumming letters on her dungeon phone, and dire a symbol to have it “talk” for her. 

She’s unapproachable to say, or rather daub out on her phone, that she worked a full year after diagnosis during her pursuit as comparison clamp boss of selling during TowneBank, where she worked for 11 years. In a years before her diagnosis, she’d rallied 1,000 TowneBank co-workers and others to lift $400,000 for a JT Walk Beach Party, an annual gift for ALS that was named after Josh Thompson, who was diagnosed in 2006.

Little did she know that as she was doing that, a illness was sneaking inside her. Last year, a group of marchers, Beth’s Brigade, lifted income during a travel to assistance compensate for her care, most of that is not lonesome by insurance – such as a around-the-clock caring she now needs. (Donations can be sent to: Helen E. Prever Asset Protection Trust, caring of Starr Oliver, TowneBank, 6009 Harbour View Blvd, Suffolk, Va., 23435.) 

Williams-Prever was also featured in a association video played during a TowneBank shareholders assembly in May. The video, dedicated to her, showcases Williams-Prever’s work lifting income for ALS, job her a hometown hero, before display her in a wheelchair, regulating cards to demonstrate herself: “It means a universe to me to be surrounded by people who delight hometown values.”  

In an email, Williams-Prever pronounced a low indicate in a year came with a hospitalization in Mar since of respiratory problems. During a revisit final week, her respirating was worked as she showed off her dogs.

Starr Oliver, Townebank comparison executive clamp boss of selling and tellurian resources, is one of several friends who are assisting her make medical and authorised arrangements, such as crafting end-of-life wishes. She pronounced Williams-Prever’s ability to promulgate has waned, and she tires simply since of abating lung capacity.

Williams-Prever pronounced around a content summary that she has motionless not to be put on a ventilator when a illness obstructs her breathing. 

A few seconds later, she forwards a video of her white H2O rafting trip, and records that a subsequent object on her list is a outing to Alaska, that she’s formulation for August.

Asked what life lessons she’s schooled during a past year, this is what she tapped out:

“Take bland as it comes (high and lows), live life to a fullest, urge everyday, bravery and strength.”

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